Memorial Day-The War Curse on us All

How Memorial Day Glosses Over the Real Horrors of War

It’s likely that few Americans have spent time thinking about what the “memorial” in Memorial Day is about.
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Texas Rain Update 5-10-12

Images of rainfall totals from mid-state Texas this past weekend. So beautiful to see San Angelo with the center of the upper rain totals. Show our gifts to the planet DO WORK. Notice where they were out cloud seeding where the big   Z in the image is. Big Z but hardly any rain, shows seeding is not the real key to solution of drought mediation, but a reworking of all energy factors involved! Continue reading




why do we have to destroy this planet? Is this your planed destiny when you wake up in the morning to see what havoc you can install into the planets weather? When you send high frequency wave forms into the ionosphere and it is so powerful it bounces into the atmosphere and causes an earthquake, do you say oh well? Maybe next time we will hit our target? Is logic a common sense thought form or an illusion for you?    God gave us domain, he did not say destroy! Continue reading

Weather Derivatives

The Intel Hub
By Peter Kirby
November 7, 2011

In his paper ‘Why in the World Are They Spraying?‘, journalist Michael Murphy floats the idea that chemtrails are sprayed in order to manipulate the weather derivatives market. He posted the story right here on on Oct. 11, 2011.  It ran alongside my article ‘Chemtrails Exposed‘.


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Radar Fail


As the new change over to the new radar sites to see into storms more clearly for better storm alerts for the masses, what happens when the tweaks of the system go array? When radar is in the Storm Mode at the lower angle and speed is increased what does that do to the water molecules it is blasting ? Continue reading



What has not been discussed is the reverse that is happening when a spray operation for weather modification takes place, atmospheric warming. On a clear day with an approaching cold front with moisture from water vapor coming in, weather forecasts predict a certain percentage of rainfall in the next few hours. All of a sudden we have 12 jets laying down ribbons of toxic chaff crisscrossing the sky’s above, where hours prior only scattered traffic was seen. Continue reading



In part of my travels and research, the following drought maps confirm the conditions i found at ground level. This is BEFORE i went to work for these areas. No area is too small nor too large that can be changed into rain balance. Just more effort, time, expense, and research involved.

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South Central Drought Costing Billions of Dollars

The drought costs in the parched south-central states continues to rise. Minuscule amounts of rain combined with record hot summer temperatures has resulted in billions of dollars in agricultural losses. Although some rain has been falling in the region over the last several days, it won’t be nearly enough to put much of a dent in the current drought.
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TEXAS What is Needed To End Drought Conditions

Since late last week, some much need rain has been falling across portions of Texas. For some cities, the rain totals accumulated in a few days are greater than what they have seen in many months! The table below displays rain totals over the last several days compared to the length of time you have to go back to see similar totals.
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Weaponisation and Chemtrails

Geoengineering research began as a war tactic in the 1940s for the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. During the Vietnam War, the US used geoengineering to flood certain areas. Then in 1976, 85 countries signed the U.N. Convention on the Prohibition of Military of Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. Continue reading


Drought is a direct result of a chain of events which cause any weather pattern to be disrupted.

We can point blame in so many directions but it does not make the necessary changes to reverse the dry conditions Continue reading