The Earth has natural energy lines or ley-lines. You have heard of magnetic areas of convergence as North and South poles. Smaller areas all over the Earth are vortexes with the energy spinning either a certain direction, as some are magnetic in origin.

Underground streams, pockets of minerals, underground oil, underground gas pockets, are all part of the vast chemical compounds making up the earth below our feet. Everything has energy and moves at a frequency when sound or magnetism is applied to it. This causes geopathic stress in many areas besides the ley lines or Hartmen lines zig zagging across our earth.Ok so you are asking what does this have to do with rain?

All of creation moves in a circle of motion. Winter, spring, summer,fall of the seasons of the year just as birth, mid-age, old age and death are all part of the circle of life. The same thing is true with all elements for natural thunderstorms to form. Moisture evaporates at the earth level or is brought in from rich moisture streams like from the gulf and as it is heated from the sun rises up into clouds untill enough moisture is present to produce rain. Another circle!

When pollution levels are high the air becomes saturated at a level this can not occur naturally. I say pollution but there are over 50 weather modification methods in use today plus all the frequency’s in the air. We can point to global warming, El nino, co2 and ten thousand other items that were not here on this planet 20 years or more ago. Cell phones are handy but towers are everywhere now. To understand get close to a major power line or cell phone tower overhead and feel the energy as it is buzzing, Well that goes up into the atmosphere alot higher than most would think and creates another hurdle for rain formation to occur. Is this why we have flooding in some areas while others are bone dry? Or when the storms form they are more violent in nature? We are dealing with a delicate balance and yes from what i have seen i believe it is.

Using 10 years of experience of tool placement into areas of congested energy i am still amazed at how well the system i have used works. It is my God gift for everyone on this planet! I do believe in taking domain and authority as this was first directive on page one of the Bible, Genesis 1:28. I have witnessed methane vapor as smog being pulled out of the atmosphere into a reverse funnel bringing it down into a ground placed disparate where it is neutralized.

Everywhere Geopathic Discs  are placed energy becomes more efficient with all side frequencies brought back into the main stream so less line loss and much less radiation out flowing. Even ones placed on incoming electric lines the usage drops by 1/3 in most instances as the electricity is more condensed and efficient. When this happens on a larger scale you are bringing natural back into balance. Not a temporary fix like cloud seeding if you have clouds to play with. But a permanent fix that will last for a few years.

Also you will see clouds like we have not seen for several years, puffy with rounded edges, a delight to view!

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to assisting you in healing the drought areas one state at a time. All questions answered so please drop me a message.

God Bless!          naturalrainman@gmail.com