Chemtrails Inside and Out (+SYMPTOMS OF


This is a must see Video with proof inside one of the spray planes with all the chemical tanks, piping outside spray nozzles, computer controls;

They poison us with sulfurdioxide and other toxic salts into air which we breath !

It is a Secret government plan to reduce sunshine onto the planet
via mixing sulfur and other chemicals into the
airplane fuel, thus generating toxic sulfurdioxide gases
and aluminium and barium salts into the atmosphere.

Please help to stop it !
Call your congressman today and tell him to stop it.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.
Chemtrails Stop it now Call your congressman and ask him to stop

Robyn Woods posted on Melbourne Against Chemtrails:
On days where the spraying is severe people will be more likely to take notice and complain about symptoms they are experiencing. They have no explanation for the discomfort they feel. They woke up feeling fine, spent a few hours outside (under a chemtrail sprayed haze) and end their day feeling miserable.
Here’s a list of symptoms that chemtrail spraying can cause a person to experience. Of course not everyone will be affected in the same manner and a lot of that has to do with variables such as the extent of exposure, the condition of ones immune system and the degree of a person’s sensitivity. Symptoms are also more evident as your body accumulates the metals, pathogens and toxins. I’m no doctor but you get the idea I’m trying to illustrate. I’ve experienced a number of these symptoms myself.
Common Symptoms of CRI (Chemtrail Related Illnesses)
Neck pain/stiff neck
Stomach cramps
Sinus problems
Dizziness/light headed
Can’t can’t catch breath
Weepy feeling of sadness
No energy/ massive or light fatigue
crying spells
Loose bowels
Feeling disconnected/ “spaced out”
Can’t focus thoughts/speech/confusion
Deep coldness
Tight chest/gets worse when laying down
Symptoms never seem to go away
Tests from doctors show nothing
Congestion in chest
Body pain
Dramatic mood swings/anger, sadness
Tightness in chest and/or stomach
Ear aches
Sore throat
Tightness in shoulders both or one side going in to neck, head, and sinusus
Sorness all over
Dry cough
Metallic taste in mouth
Stomach acid problems
Heat flushes
Unexplained rashes
Short term memory loss

Excellent work and reporting! Wanted to share, take any pipe, larger the better, steel,copper, stainless and lean so it is standing as close to straight up as possible, angle cut on top good. Take an old sock and drop the toe end down into the top of the tube and flop the cuff over the top edges to hold it there. pour vinegar into the sock. Watch the chemcrud dissolve from the sky’s along with all the flu virus they are spreading.

6 comments on “Chemtrails Inside and Out (+SYMPTOMS OF CHEMTRAILS POISONING+)

  1. The only problem with this theory is “They” live here too and breath the same air. I hear what you are saying but please explain this one. Are “they” moving from area to area to avoid the spraying?

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