Texas Rain Update 5-10-12

Images of rainfall totals from mid-state Texas this past weekend. So beautiful to see San Angelo with the center of the upper rain totals. Show our gifts to the planet DO WORK. Notice where they were out cloud seeding where the big   Z in the image is. Big Z but hardly any rain, shows seeding is not the real key to solution of drought mediation, but a reworking of all energy factors involved!



next is the Big Z showing that even with all the tech and all the tools they only pulled in enough rain to show the pattern. Hardly enough rain drops to pay for the seeds is it not? Z pattern had 1 inch and less, San Angelo had 4-5 inches of good rain, soaking rain, blessed rain. PRAISE GOD!

I am ready to go to work in other areas, just contact me with your water wants and needs! Thanks

Big Z from cloud seeding, enough for faint outline of rain sprinkles, not enough to pay the bill of the seeds


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