What has not been discussed is the reverse that is happening when a spray operation for weather modification takes place, atmospheric warming. On a clear day with an approaching cold front with moisture from water vapor coming in, weather forecasts predict a certain percentage of rainfall in the next few hours. All of a sudden we have 12 jets laying down ribbons of toxic chaff crisscrossing the sky’s above, where hours prior only scattered traffic was seen.

First thing you will notice is the air temperature is warmer, all the aluminum particles in the chaff meant to reflect the suns heat back out into space (Geo engineering) is also reflecting and trapping the heat off the earths surface causing a stagnant layer to form of heated air at the surface.  Same thing as when you wrap aluminum foil around that hot pot roast. The heat is trapped and will stay that way longer than if it was left uncovered to air cool. Sure the overhead heat lamp  or oven will reflect off the shiny surface but radiated UV waves penetrate through the pores in the foil fabric to heat the underside of the foil. of course scientists call this greenhouse effect, but the fabric is the chemtrail chaff aluminum particle matter interacting with our pollution.

Also all the chemicals used in the delivery system bind up the moisture particles in the atmosphere so we have a rain event dried out to nothing, hence drought formation. Our rain percentage just was changed into nothing or 0% for the day.

Even the weatherman tells it how it really is!

This is not the first time a major plan for mankind has backfired with dire results. But this one has health results off the charts. Look at the amount of increase of cases of Alzheimer’s disease in this past 20 years, all from our air borne weather modification program!

What does that look like at our brain function level?

Patent US5003186: Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming



United States Patent [19] patent number : 5,003,186

Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company Los Angeles, calif

Appl, No: 513,145

Filed April 23 1990


Another NEW disease that was unheard of 20 years ago



200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

People are waking up, all the metal in the air is linking us all together to stand up and speak out about this!

All the animals, all the creatures in the sea are being affected by the chemicals and the warming taking place. Sure many debunkers will say this is normal earth phase that takes place every so many years. But when their back yard plants and trees die along with all their pets, will they wake up?

This is not a pretty picture what is happening and the money trail cares not what it does to fellow human beings!

This is for ALL of  YOU who think that this earth plan is a game that you are winning!

More modification facts and data


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  2. I have several friends I speak with on Twitter in the U.S who claim to have dispersed chemtrails completely from the skies around them by using a gallon on white vinegar, they proclaim in each case either by spraying the vinegar into the air for around 10 minutes or by soaking towels in it then hanging the towels outside, the chemtrails visibly disappear within 30 minutes. I have researched this a little and from what I have seen there does seem to be evidence to support the claims.

    What’s your view!

      • Yes, prayer is a greater power than manufactured solutions, I agree. Apropos the chemical make up of the base agent, unfortunately I’m not in a position to comment as I lack the knowledge needed to give an informed reply or hypothesis.

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