What was started as a grassroots group doing something to balance areas of the world from drought to excessive rainfall has evolved. Funding has been out of our own pockets to do the work involved. This is the limitation to really stepping forward to creating balance more widespread. We see millions paid out for cloud seeding efforts which are only short term results if conditions are right. The results we have produced are ongoing year after year. Balance can be achieved in areas, states and countries for needed rainfall to fill ponds, lakes, reservoirs and water shed projects. Not done apart from faith but done in faith taking domain. So if you are a farmer, rancher, produce grower, watershed manager, city water manager we can and will assist with current needs met. Please donate so this work can continue.


  GOD gets all the GLORY!

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  It was a normal summer day living at  home on the side of Lake of the Ozarks. Finally had a chance to do those honey-do’s. When i could hear jets coming in lower than normal. Looking i saw them coming flying side by side 6 of them, spread apart. But there was something coming out from the jets and it was falling to the ground. You could see it like a white looking vapor but when the sunlight hit it all the colors of the rainbow showed. As they passed over me i could smell something like a pesticide scent and ran for the house. I closed all the windows in the house and took a shower to get the toxic smell out of my senses as i was getting a headache after breathing the stuff they were spraying.    I was tired so i lay down for a nap. When i woke up 3 days had passed by me.

  I was sick with whatever i had been exposed to by this spray operation. My aliments increased and i could not work as all my body wanted to do was sleep. Medical tests showed chemical exposure and i was jaundice as my organs were shutting down. Fibromyligia became a real word as i lost everything i had worked for. After years of alternate medicine i have come to a balance, but i will never be who i was before getting sick.

  Upon visiting my fathers farm in northwest Missouri and walking the pastures. I decided to walk down to the pond to go fishing. Upon peering over the pond bank i could not believe my eyes, it was bone dry! Never in my whole life of being born and raised on this farm has this spring fed pond ever been short of full! Also looking at the bank was a dead cow carcass from an old cow who came down to get a drink and with no water lay down and died right there! So sad!  

Then i saw  jets doing the same spraying into our overhead sky’s and feeling the hot clammy feeling of heat exhaustion after they had passed. My God i thought they are still doing this crap?  So i started researching the internet to find the why’s of what was really going on. I found then 35,000 sites talking about jet trails that do not go away like hot vapor contrails but instead chem trails and weather modification. But it was all talk and no help for the earth we live on. Today the Google listed sites is 14,500,000 (That’s Fourteen million Five hundred thousands websites).

  The LORD guided me to make gifts for the land and to take Domain and authority  in my faith over it to balance the blocks that were in place to bring the needed rains. As i have traveled over the years i have continued this effort of blessing and gifting the lands that were so dry and in drought stages when i arrived.

The earth heals quickly with needed rainfall! That year farmers had bumper crops for corn and beans and were quickly running out of storage space as all the elevators were overfull! Minnesota was like Indiana in that the summer corn was 1 1/2 foot tall with a 2 inch cob and brown dry dead. You could not even make silage out of it! In Georgia state so many city water reservoirs were past the ration stage before the rains came! the drought maps over the past ten years show the conditions that were dust bowl dry!

All the work out west has filled many cities need for water as the snow pack went well above average in many areas. Permanent longer term results!

Well the work has started for Texas, the work around San Angelo had immediate results that week. People lifted their hands and PRAISED GOD for the RAIN

Billboards showed PRAISE GOD FOR THE RAIN!

GOD gets all the GLORY!




But Texas is needing alot more work to bring back the balance. I cannot assist doing the work needed without financial help!  On the contact page send me a email!


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