Radar Fail


As the new change over to the new radar sites to see into storms more clearly for better storm alerts for the masses, what happens when the tweaks of the system go array? When radar is in the Storm Mode at the lower angle and speed is increased what does that do to the water molecules it is blasting ?

Same radar site a few hours later at 7:45 am;

Then they found the switch and turned it off for a couple of hours at 9;12 on 1-12-12,

Oh we flipped the wrong switch and turned it off, guess we should turn it back on, no one will be the wiser at 10;15am,

We all know when you put your cup of water into the microwave and push the button. Presto in a few seconds you have steaming hot water! Have you ever heard of Exploding water?

So then the cloud water is vaporized from where this weather site is located in northern California and is released downstream to another area where it cools and can form rain moisture again. Or if the temperature is cold enough to form snow, then we could see a major snowstorm form. So is this why Texas has been getting Major snows being downstream from this atmosphere heater?

But the lake Tahoe area is dry with hardly any snow?

More on the new changes they are doing to follow.

They said they would own the weather!

Did you find your put options to purchase stock?

Oh that’s right we bailed out the weather derivatives failed company’s didn’t we.

Would you like to see the  PDF on your investments 

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