I have been gifted a rain making machine that has been in production for several years now as a free will to the world open patent! Several are already in operation in countries around the globe with great rainfall success for the areas where operating. Science can class this machine in the Quantum class as it operates in so many different streams of energy at once!

So there is a atom exchange that transmutes into higher forms of energy and compounds.

I will update more as experiments continue and funding is found for research!




I use several tech consultants that assist in mapping the energy grid framework in a given area. We work from satellite overlays, known grid energy points and conjunction lines, power line distribution framework, and from ground field work.

I am using several styles and different types of energy balancing products to achieve results for a given area. The following is but a brief example with many more in production with images to follow. Also different areas of the country change the formula used into the basic component structure and material makeup, so it is always evolving.

The following are images showing some of the basic energy flow patterns that can be photographed with the proper equipment. So much more is unseen in the quantum, vortex, black hole energy transfer.

                        Some Geopathic discs used for field location placement.

Some are designed with a torrid base coil arrangement, which hastens the transfer of energy into a new level of achievement!

These are from a friends batch, but they give you an idea!

I have been blessed with several different types of powered units. Some use ac or dc and some are frequency generated. Also just added a rain making machine that has been field tested for over 8 years. It will be interesting to see the results!

There are several new inventions and different types of motors that create an energy field around them that do balance instead of distort natural order of energy. Also key is that they use free energy once started-clean-green-safe-efficient.

The preceding is just an overview not by any means a complete listing or full amount of images and pictures that are available of the tools. Only going to give a part of the trade secrets at this time being.

more to follow