Radar Fail


As the new change over to the new radar sites to see into storms more clearly for better storm alerts for the masses, what happens when the tweaks of the system go array? When radar is in the Storm Mode at the lower angle and speed is increased what does that do to the water molecules it is blasting ? Continue reading


When it rains it is such a beautiful event! The whole earth rejoices as it quenches the thirst of all living beings and animals. The energy from sounds alone with an approaching thunderstorm produces deep restful sleep.

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Funding Texas Water Supply

In some parts of Texas the water supply is dwindling, if not disappearing. Now, state officials are grappling with how to come up with a permanent source of funding for a multi-billion dollar plan to provide drinking…
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Next month, Texans will go to the polls to decide whether to help the state get part of the way there. If Proposition 2 on the ballot passes, the Texas Water Development Board, the state’s water-planning agency, will be authorized to lend $6 billion via a bond fund dedicated to building and fixing water infrastructure.

Many of the state’s business heavyweights have lined up behind the

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