Upon contacting us we will need some basic information to your area location, water needs, and funding provisions we have to work with. Then we can go to work in compiling the needed data to do the work for you. We are not weather modification, we are bringing back the balance to the earth one area at a time with natural methods so rain can fall.

Since we are bringing back balance from 50 different weather modification programs, strings of cell phone towers , major power distribution lines, city pollution smog co2, methane gas release from all animal farms, oil and gas drilling, and mining residue all of which cause frequency atmospheric fences and blocks. The atmosphere has 4 ether levels and when one level is saturated with frequency’s and pollutants moisture will not move up and down as normal. Hence drought.

I learned alot about this in Minnesota several years back. After many placements over a fairly large geographic area (10,000) square miles, the storm clouds came rolling in. We are talking about an area that had not had any rain for several months and then only a brief shower. I had always heard of Minnesota as the land of 10,000 lakes but they also have more under roof animal farms (methane gas) than any other state in the union.

So i witnessed a cloud lightening show like never before with none touching the ground. See the only way the Earth makes ozone is from lightening and ozone is the oxidizer to neutralize all the methane gas and all the other pollutants in the lower atmosphere. So after almost an hour the lightening changed from constant cloud and rain started to fall. We received almost 6 inches over the next several days as the ground was like a sponge soaking up the blessing rain!

This is only one story of one state where the work we do does work and continues for years after! Earth balance using natural methods!

We are working on more rain producing products to increase our efforts to assist those in need. If having the needed rain or snow to fall means you making a living then we can and will assist with your needs.

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Thanks again for stopping by! Looking forward to working with you!