Drought Crushes Beef Industry in Hawaii

HONOLULU — Hawaii’s beef market is backward. Nearly all the beef eaten here – 95 percent – arrives packaged on container ships from the U.S. mainland. At the same time, Hawaii cattle ranchers ship 40,000 live cattle each year to California, Kansas and other states, while just 4,000 are slaughtered for meat sales in Hawaii. Continue reading

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Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma Drought Worsens

Summer 2012 Drought Update
According to the U.S. Drought Monitor released today, moderate (D1) to exceptional (D4) drought covers 63.9% of the contiguous U.S. This compares to 63.5% last week. For the history of the U.S Drought Monitor, which began in 1999, this is largest spatial extent of drought. Continue reading

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Breaking The Drought 2012

        Breaking The Drought 2012

As from prior posts speaking of corn disaster and especially of radar fail, the essence of strong microwaves from radar and especially from the mega mobile radar site positioned in the Pacific waters off the west coast of the us. It is causing a movement of the jet stream north of where normal summertime position would be. Continue reading

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Texas Hopes to Learn Lessons from Searing Drought

Texas Hopes to Learn Lessons from Searing Drought

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — When Susan Combs was growing up on her family’s West Texas ranch, conserving water was part of everyday life: If the windmill wasn’t turning and the storage tank at least half full, the household plumbing was turned off — even the toilets. Continue reading




why do we have to destroy this planet? Is this your planed destiny when you wake up in the morning to see what havoc you can install into the planets weather? When you send high frequency wave forms into the ionosphere and it is so powerful it bounces into the atmosphere and causes an earthquake, do you say oh well? Maybe next time we will hit our target? Is logic a common sense thought form or an illusion for you?    God gave us domain, he did not say destroy! Continue reading

Antipodes,OROGRAPHICALLY,Global Atmosphere Watch=TOAST or Global Warming Disaster


Global Atmosphere Watch=GLOBAL WARMING or TOAST for short

Now say that 3 times quickly without hesitation! Breathe normal now!

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Texas Rain 3/20/2012

After receiving more than two inches of rain early Tuesday, Austin has now seen 15.99 inches of rain in 2012. In all of 2011, the city only saw 16.90 inches. They’ve almost seen as much rain in the first 80 days of this year than they saw all of last year!

Swath of the heaviest rain: 24-hours ending 6 am CDT Monday | Click to view the most recent 24-hour totals