Texas Rain Update 5-10-12

Images of rainfall totals from mid-state Texas this past weekend. So beautiful to see San Angelo with the center of the upper rain totals. Show our gifts to the planet DO WORK. Notice where they were out cloud seeding where the big   Z in the image is. Big Z but hardly any rain, shows seeding is not the real key to solution of drought mediation, but a reworking of all energy factors involved! Continue reading

Texas Hopes to Learn Lessons from Searing Drought

Texas Hopes to Learn Lessons from Searing Drought

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — When Susan Combs was growing up on her family’s West Texas ranch, conserving water was part of everyday life: If the windmill wasn’t turning and the storage tank at least half full, the household plumbing was turned off — even the toilets. Continue reading

Texas Twisters in Dallas Area Easter Week Storms as Always 4/3/2012

Texas Twisters in Dallas Area Easter Week Storms 4/3/2012

The week of Easter has always been a potent stormy time as long as i can remember! Back in 1996 i remember a thunder snow event in Colorado Springs, Colorado like i had never seen before. They had to use snowplows to clear the streets after the foot of hail that fell that afternoon alone. God is telling us we are not in control! Blessings no deaths! Continue reading

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Power Line Electromagnetic Disruption

In looking at the impressive drought busting rainstorm wrapping around east Texas and Louisiana and reading the storm totals so far, i saw something most would miss. All the major power lines are very obvious in the radar rainfall total overlays. In gauging the disruption or force is it miles across into the radar electronic read? So this is EMF disruption into a picture most can see and use. It blanks out all other electronic data into the field area there. Continue reading

Tornado De Vine Texas

When i first heard of a Texas twister from the storms moving across Texas in this drought buster hitting a town called Divine, i thought this can not be, unless this town turned their hearts away from God and brought about their own demise.

Well the weather channel had the spelling wrong, it is called De vine or as to devine anything holy. Jesus is the vine and the healer! So for the residents of De Vine it is a wake call when your only bar-tavern is destroyed. The next storm will be much worse and have many clinging on for life in this world, as some will be taken to the next!

Sad to see what happens when a little wind tears apart a stick built house into a pile of lumber. Being safe in the tornado zone should require folks to build with any other material than something to be torn apart into sticks.

Find your faith, find your heart, repent and find God and let the Love of Jesus with his blood wash you clean and give you eternal life! Until then you have kneemail prayer 24/7/365!

Texas Rain 3/20/2012

After receiving more than two inches of rain early Tuesday, Austin has now seen 15.99 inches of rain in 2012. In all of 2011, the city only saw 16.90 inches. They’ve almost seen as much rain in the first 80 days of this year than they saw all of last year!

Swath of the heaviest rain: 24-hours ending 6 am CDT Monday | Click to view the most recent 24-hour totals

Radar Fail


As the new change over to the new radar sites to see into storms more clearly for better storm alerts for the masses, what happens when the tweaks of the system go array? When radar is in the Storm Mode at the lower angle and speed is increased what does that do to the water molecules it is blasting ? Continue reading



As an overview of the why’s that is plaguing Texas drought conditions we must look at many factors that when mixed together are creating the present conditions and WHAT can and should be done to correct the unbalance so rain can occur naturally again across the region.
 NOAA will be quick to say it is the El Niño or the La Niña

Continue reading