As an overview of the why’s that is plaguing Texas drought conditions we must look at many factors that when mixed together are creating the present conditions and WHAT can and should be done to correct the unbalance so rain can occur naturally again across the region.
 NOAA will be quick to say it is the El Niño or the La Niña

that is a contributor to current conditions and they have a part of what is the big puzzle problem taking place. When you look at only one factor saying that is the key or driving force then you are focused on that alone as the source and cause. So solutions are circled around that one source of information!
Time for out of the box thinking and reflection to what i have seen taking place in other areas where i have done work to correct rain in-balance.  Minnesota comes to mind in that when i arrived there in late summer, the corn was a foot tall with no ears on the dry dead stalks! A farmers worst nightmare with nothing to salvage! Snowfall the prior winter in Minneapolis was under 12 inches. But Minnesota has 10,000 lakes so water is everywhere, plenty of evaporation with daytime heating for cloud formation, not alot of electrical grids to muck up natural flow or electric fences into the atmosphere. SO WHY? They have more animal farms under roof than any other state in the lower 48, more animals more methane gas output.

Methane as with other gases will form a layer over the ground and will rise to its density in the air. Smog clouds over cities is an example as such only rising up to a certain level of pressure. Mixing with atmosphere above and below does not happen until winds stir up the mix and dissipate the smog concentration, or natural occurring Ozone from sunlight takes place.
Also when this stagnation happens the ground becomes positively charged and heated adding further the smog layer from moving up or down very far into the atmosphere. I am NOT a scientist nor do i claim to have a knowing on all works i speak of, just that God is guiding me to know enough to problem solve what needs to be done to balance a part of his creation! All the Glory and Praise when the rains come is HIS alone! I honor our farmers who make a living from working the lands providing us the foods we need. Just one of the tools i use assists with the ether or aether movement in the atmosphere, breaking through the stagnate levels created by the methane or other gases present overhead. When the storms clouds approached i witnessed a cloud lightning show like i had never seen before.

As i watched i noticed all the lightning was in the clouds without one bolt hitting the ground! The heavens show lasted for over an hour and then we had rain starting to fall. What happened? All the Ozone on Earth is produced by lightning, so after producing enough Ozone to transmute all the methane gas present natural occurring rain could form and fall with its negative charge. A blessed event!

 Also we are discovering that hot water has a positive charge and cool or cold water carries a negative charge.    Research forums looking over tornado radar data also found the positive and negative ions being a part of the driving force of violent storms and tornado forming.


So does Texas have a methane gas problem? We have a toxic mixture combined with alot more than just methane gas being released from venting gas from oil wells.

As you drive across west Texas you will smell a big part of the release problem from oil well production. Also we have alot of cattle producing you guessed it methane gas. I remember in Hereford county alone there was  1,500,000 head of cattle! That alone is a big city’s worth of released gas! But we need the meat and the gasoline so we have to find the solution to problem solve it.

Now we add another positive ion into the soup mix besides acid rain, electricity. Have you ever boiled water in your microwave? When we position our radar stations too close to cell phone towers or microwave towers we end up with some distorted images taking place when we view our weather radar image.  Infrasound questions are raised after the Joplin tornado? We also see the radar sites going into storm mode with only a trickle of moisture in the atmosphere, why?

Interference! Mixing and bounce off of frequences which all excite water atoms creating heat, turning into positive ions and poof into water vapor again and it will go downstream, MOVING WITH THE JET STREAM to where it can cool and merge to form clouds again. As this water vapor image shows below.

Visible Water Vapor - US Current

As you can see in this enriched infrared image, color areas are rain producing at this time.

Enh Infrared Satellite - US Current

Have you ever been this close to that high voltage level of power lines, hear the buzzing and you can

feel the electricity in the air also!

EMF waves and geopathic stress are terrible for the folks living here! Health problems and short life span!

Super heating the atmosphere so call it or atmosphere heaters as i have seen as this image clearly shows.

109 degrees when the surrounding areas are only 65 to 70 is weather manipulation with atmosphere heater, also checking time sheets that day it came on with the flick of a switch and went away just as quick, not normal at all.

So if the water vapor is boiled down south, then it has to go  upstream or downwind flowing with the jet stream, it would confirm that the Ohio river valley has and Arkansas has been the recipient of all that moisture wouldn’t it? Cause and effect!

   Texas has ample moisture from the Gulf of  Mexico in normal years but the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 changed the chemistry of the whole gulf area. Even now we are still seeing oil floating in many of the gulf oil drilling rigs positions September 2011. Adding insult to injury is the red-tide that is making news for all the beaches of southern Texas. But is has caused all Oyster harvesting and some fishing to be stopped 10-26-11. Another extreme part of the drought that is causing loss of income for many!

   One more piece of information i need to share with you before i give my summary for change. Little known to many Texans is the pumping water into the underground caverns to replace the oil and natural gas that has been pumped out of the ground. The main water source for this replacement pumping was lake Meredeth just north of Amarillo Texas until lake levels became so low that pumping has now stopped. now we have a volatile situation that could affect all the lower 48 America states! THE TEXAS ABYSS!

Solutions i purpose will take several months to achieve . But in that time frame a major shift could occur to turn the whole drought situation around for the whole State of Texas and not for a year or two but long term results. I have witnessed first hand that geopathic discs placed near different electrical towers balance the off band frequency output and bleed over that normal occurs towards radar towers. They do make for a simple grounding of the positive ion output and assist in change over to negative ions. Same is true for major power distribution lines that crisscross the landscape.

  I have in the past been able to draw methane clouds into a more focused area and draw it down to ground level into a stream, yes i have pulled methane out of the atmosphere down to ground level. Research is still continuing and looking for funding to further the project capabilities.

 But right now we can assist natural weather to do the same in lightning producing ozone we are achieving on a grander scale. The lightning will produce the ozone needed to oxidize methane and other atmosphere gas contaminants. With a greater amount of negative ions present the storms will not be as violent as we have seen happen along the dry line of west Texas. Rain cloud frequency will increase and the rains more gentle falling, so less runoff and more soaking into the ground. The rain that falls  is more neutral in ph and has full energy and life for all living things, natural occurring minerals present and instead of being locked up they are free to be used by plants.

   I do have a major plan that can be utilized and would be willing to share with the major donors that want to assist me in doing the work over the winter months now!

Believe me i will work for less than the standby rate for most cloud seeding contracts you are already paying out for. Ready to go to work for you starting 2012! We need to be done before the spring planting season arrives for our farmers sake, so they can plan ahead!

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