Texas High Pressure Switch

Texas High Pressure Switch

Just saw that with a flick of a switch we have a major high pressure area in the south west area of Texas?

Here is showing the whole country so you can get a perspective.

So what about an hour or two before the switch was thrown

Also this is 3-hour pressure change image below.

so this really stands out when you look at the 3-hour change in the pressure for the whole US and see what i am talking about.

So we have someone that does not want Texas to receive the coming moisture from the approaching storm. The center where this powered unit is close to Van Horn and probably some kind of mobile unit. Would folks in Ft. Davis have anything to do with this?


Here was the forecast map below, think it will change now?

Rain and snow less than predicted?

Right where you all needed every single drop of moisture you can get!!!!

This is weather manipulation folks.

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