Breaking The Drought 2012

        Breaking The Drought 2012

As from prior posts speaking of corn disaster and especially of radar fail, the essence of strong microwaves from radar and especially from the mega mobile radar site positioned in the Pacific waters off the west coast of the us. It is causing a movement of the jet stream north of where normal summertime position would be.   Then you add in the new DARPA antenna system that is linked to HAARP blast the moisture, microwaving it all so then it appears downstream on the east coast of the us. Notice the antenna location in the image below.

HAARP HAIL expansion

Even the History Channel confirms HAARP is the cause of Global Warming, drought, and we are still paying for these programs as they are on Americas soil?

Now here is the current drought maps for the us;

US Drought Monitor, July 17, 2012

Even the Weather Channel speaks of the jet stream way north of normal position.
Since we are paying for the radars,antenna systems with our tax dollars at work, why let us be still in a BILLION dollar drought. Are they playing futures market through weather derivatives so they get rich while controlling the future outcome of food shortages?

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