Antipodes,OROGRAPHICALLY,Global Atmosphere Watch=TOAST or Global Warming Disaster


Global Atmosphere Watch=GLOBAL WARMING or TOAST for short

Now say that 3 times quickly without hesitation! Breathe normal now!

satellite captured this image on December 19, 2005

Notice the pushing of the clouds into the far right with nasty looking under pinnings. Also below the wave in the very faint bottom see the inverted backlash wave form created! All of this from one little 21 square mile island out in the southern Indian Ocean

This is called orographic lift;

Official explain of this because of a volcano peak causing an uplift air mass, yada,yada, so on. What about earthquakes on that date the image was taken;

What about Volcanos at around this time factor? Hawaii, Ambae, Augustine,

30 November-6 December 2005

On 27 November the Aoba volcano (also locally called Mt. Manaro) erupted on Ambae Island in Vanuatu. There have been no casualties reported, but volcanic ash has blanketed houses and food crops. There are concerns that the ash may affect the respiratory systems of local residents and contaminate water sources. The government of Vanuatu has declared the island a disaster zone, and by 6 December 5,000 residents in at least 15 communities in high-risk areas had relocated to safe areas. White steam billowing to 1,500 m above the summit and 2,000 tons of ash per day falling on the island have been reported. The level of Lake Voui, one of the lakes in the summit crater, is now only 150 m below the rim, raising the possibility of floods or lahars if large volumes of lake water are ejected. A small cone is also growing within the crater lake.

Sources: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)Port Vila Press, Vanuatu;Fairfax New Zealand LimitedNews Limited.

7-13 December 2005

During 6-10 December, small-scale volcanic activity that began at Aoba (also locally called Mt. Manaro) on 27 November continued from active vents within Lake Vui, the summit crater lake. Molten material entered the crater lake and reacted with water, producing small explosive eruptions and a plume of steam and gas that rose to a height of 3.9-4.5 km (12,800-14,800 ft) a.s.l. The eruption built a cone around the active vents, enclosing them on three sides and forming an island ~200 m wide and 50-60 m high in the lake. There were two active vents; one emitted water, rocks, and mud, and the other emitted steam and gas. As of 10 December, the eruption had little effect outside of the crater lake (minor ashfall occurred only during the first 3 days after the eruption). During the report period, volcanic tremor was recorded at the volcano and a moderate sulfur-dioxide flux was measured (~2,000 tons per day). There was no evidence of ground uplift or cracking near the lake, suggesting that there was no large volume of magma close to the surface.

Sources: Charlie Douglas and Morris Harrison, Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources (DGMWR), Brad Scott, and Steve Sherburn, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) via the Volcano Listserv

4-10 January 2006

According to a news report on 4 January, all of the 3,000 people displaced by the eruption of Aoba returned home. The eruption began on 27 November 2005.

Source: Radio New Zealand International News

15-21 February 2006

A news article reported on 16 February that the 5,000 people who evacuated their homes after increased activity began at Aoba on 27 November 2005 returned home after Department of Geology and Mines officials reduced the threat level from 2 to 1.

Source: Radio New Zealand International News

24-30 May 2006

According to news reports, on 28 May aerial observations by scientists from the Department of Geology and Mines revealed that Lake Voui of Aoba volcano had changed from blue to red in color. Aoba remains at an Alert level 2, which means the crater area is restricted.

Source: Commision of Volcanic Lakes (CVL)The Age News

5 May-11 May 2010

On 11 May the Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory noted that there had been recent increases in activity from Aoba, starting with reports that local villagers saw a plume over the island in December 2009. Fluctuating gas emissions seen in satellite imagery were also noted at that time. Satellite imagery on 11 April revealed that sulfur dioxide emissions increased to a rate of more than 3,000 tons/day. Scientists flew over Aoba and confirmed increased gas emissions. They also noted two fumarolic zones in the SE part of Lake Manaro that were surrounded by discolored water. The Vanuatu Volcano Alert Level (VVAL) remained at 1 (on a scale of 0-4).

Source: Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory

Île Amsterdam is the name of this islandÎle_Amsterdam

But it gets interesting to who owns and who has set up base operations on this little 21 square mile island out in the middle of major land masses.Île Amsterdam is one of only three land antipodes of the continental United States. It corresponds to an area about 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Lamar, Colorado (the other two land antipodes of the US are île Saint-Paul and the Kerguelen Islands).

Global Atmosphere Watch   The Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) is a worldwide system established by the World Meteorological Organization – a United Nations agency – to monitor trends in the Earth’s atmosphere. It arose out of concerns for the state of the atmosphere in the 1960s.


The Global Atmosphere Watch’s mission is quite straightforward, consisting of three concise points:

  1. To make reliable, comprehensive observations of the chemical composition and selected physical characteristics of the atmosphere on global and regional scales;
  2. To provide the scientific community with the means to predict future atmospheric states;
  3. To organize assessments in support of formulating environmental policy.

One part in mentioning traits about this island  a aha moment happens, Île Amsterdam is one of only three land antipodes of the continental United States. It corresponds to an area about 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Lamar, Colorado (the other two land antipodes of the US are île Saint-Paul and the Kerguelen Islands).

Antipodes means earth opposite as if going right through the core and come out opposite side. So this map is lousy but to get the drift right above the west panhandle of Oklahoma is the apex to the island antipode.

You see i have been getting these images of what i thought was an atmosphere heater taking place, like a portable HARP and you can see more images in the images file here;

Yes that is correct 284 degrees Fahrenheit. Also if this is a direct result of what they are playing with on the otherside of the globe and when they twist it around to different directions to see what happens next, then i have several more images i have captured to put this to a why are they doing this?

Ok back to earthquakes and since around the 1995 window New Mexico has been plaged with constant EQs as the one that hit

Magnitude 4.2 – NEW MEXICO

2005 December 19 20:27:40 UTC

So why the India quake on the same day? energy wave forms show movement in the clouds one direction or another, but energy moves at 90 degree angles! Watch a thunderstorm approach with a 180 to 90 degree wind against it, happens all the time.


2005 November 19 14:10:14 UTC

If you want to look further into this;

External scientific groups

Scientific Advisory Groups (SAGs) have the job of managing and implementing the GAW programme. This includes establishing data quality objectives and standard operating procedures, and also providing guidelines and recommendations for achieving these things. Measurement methods and procedures also fall within the SAGs’ domain. They are also charged with promoting twinning and training in developing countries.

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Another post follow up to (the other two land antipodes of the US are île Saint-Paul and the Kerguelen Islands) click here

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