Drought-Radar Fail-Microwave the Clouds

We are in a dire Drought but yet we see radars fail. meaning they are sending out pulse beams that microwave the clouds that are incoming.


Just saw a light beam showing up in national radar image and traced it to the Kansas City and Topeka radar site doing the damage. First image;














Next image;














The flash gets bigger with each image,plus another light sabre;
















So large of pattern as the sweep speed is on high for vaporization;














Then back to green pattern but speed is fast like storm mode;




























So what does Topeka Kansas look like?














So now that all the moisture has been vaporized it flows downstream where it cools and forms rain over another area as all of a sudden east St. Louis has major rains to the east.













This storm formed out of the heavy moisture plume just created by zapping the moisture back west.

This is the Worst drought of many years, so we must look at what is new that has been added to our airwaves. Nationwide the New Dual Pulse Radar System went online. The huge antenna network of the HAIL system from Texas north across west Kansas border up to South Dakota, with inter linking air frequency’s to Seattle, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and eastern Maine. The new Daarpa system! Where is our huge X-band ship radar at now?

If all these frequency’s were turned off for 24 hours bet we would have rain where it is needed. What do you think?

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