Hail Piles up Several Feet in Texas 4-11-2012

Hail Piles up Several Feet in Texas

Thunderstorms produced massive amounts of hail in northwest Texas on Wednesday afternoon.Below is a collection of photos from social media and iWitness Weather showing the amazing scenes

  1. The first photo below is from the Facebook page of the National Weather Service in Amarillo, Texas.  Yes, that is all hail piled up very high!  This was in northern Potter County.
  2. a day ago
  3. This photo comes from the KAMR-NBC4 Facebook page.  Taken on Highway 287 near Masterson.
  4. a day ago
  5. Video: Driving across the hail covered road.
  6. amarillo texas hail storm april 2012
    14 hours ago
  7. The next three photos are from our iWitness Weather contributor Sirani.
  8. a day ago
  9. a day ago
  10. Share

    a day ago
  11. Below: More images of the hail.
  12. Share

    a day ago
  13. a day ago
  14. Video of the storms north of Amarillo responsible for the hail.
  15. Storms North of Amarillo, 04/11/2012 Timelapse
    16 hours ago
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