L.A. Marzulli mark of the beast

 I just had the chance to watch and listen to LA Marzulli on the Sid Roth Supernatural Show speaking out of the connection of implants and the prophesy connection in Revelation and Ezekiel. He puts this and the ufo connection along with current world traumatic events taking place along with weird weather all from a Biblical point of view.

  He now has 3 Dvd’s out and i am so glad he has done this work for us all, puts it all into perspective and understanding we can learn from. The link to the Sid Roth video;

If You agree with the new Obuma health care crisis bill that is in the Supreme Court right now, as written to receive health care then you receive this handy dandy little chip under your skin as part of this governments plan to give you the mark!!!

Even this has the non belivers scared!

My work is continuing to bless land with abundance and rainfall, donation are needed and graciously accepted to assist in the work.

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