When it rains it is such a beautiful event! The whole earth rejoices as it quenches the thirst of all living beings and animals. The energy from sounds alone with an approaching thunderstorm produces deep restful sleep.

The healing for a dry earth as the cracks fill with pools of moisture as they are drawn deep into the roots of the grass and trees. The air becomes cleansed with the ozone produced from the lightning, this is the only way the earth produces ozone. When one understands ozone is to oxidize all pollutants in the atmosphere, you begin to really value its need on this planet.

Ah the smell of a summer rainstorm is like no other! Rejoice in Heavens juice! Perfect creation!

I remember just a handful of years ago we had a winter rain that flooded the death valley area!


Suddenly the seeming dead landscape came to life with flowers that were dormant for century’s.

When the blocks and hurdles are removed rain happens so naturally! Results are so dramatic and life changing. All of creation is part of the Masters Plan.

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